Branding: We Know Who We Are, So Everything We Do Is Easy


This is Koala Fight Media’s first blog post. We don’t know what it’ll be about, but we know exactly what it’s going to be.

First, it’ll be a little bit unconventional — and it already is. We haven’t seen a blog post like this before, and we’d guess that you haven’t, either.

You might not know much about us, but you’ve seen our little koala. He’s pretty unique. He’s crisp, clean, cute, and ours. Koalas have one of the smallest brains relative to body weight of any mammal, but somehow we pull off creativity. That’s us: Tiny Brains, Big Ideas.

We know that we’ll employ plain language. We’ll write it just as we’d say it out loud. We won’t use every sentence to show that we went to great colleges because we don’t need to (and we don’t want to).

But occasionally we’ll point something out to suggest that we’re capable, like how we just used one of Cicero’s favorite rhetorical devices — Apophasis, which is bringing up a subject by saying it shouldn’t be brought up. We’ll make references like that because we love writing, we love knowing stuff, and we love helping people discover new things.

We just made a list of three things so we could show that we respect the Oxford comma, and we chose to write about things we love so we could drop in an example of parallel construction with a positive tone. We chose the word “stuff” because that’s how normal people like us talk; working with us is easy. We ended with a bit about teaching because that reinforces how much work we do in the education space.

Our paragraphs just got progressively longer, so it’s time to go back to a punchy staccato so you don’t get too bored.

Being a little edgy here matters because so many of our peers present themselves in a traditional way. They go for an identity that’s solid and comfortable — but we aren’t a law firm or a dental practice. We create memorable, unique content, and we want to position ourselves to reflect that.

This is Koala Fight Media.

The point of our blog post about nothing? To get you to think about all the tiny elements that make up your project or business. What’s your style? What tone do you want to use? What qualities do you want to exude from your logo, your text, or your video?

Once you get the answers to those questions — once you really define all the elements of who you are, what you do, and how you want to be perceived — everything you do gets easier. Every Tweet, every product description, and every e-mail you write will flow from that. You’ll always know how to proceed so you can focus on what you actually do.

We know who we are, and that makes everything we do simpler. Who are you?

Think about your logo. Does it reflect the qualities you want others to notice about you?

Think about your written content. Are your pages just information, or do they define how you approach your work? Do your articles have a voice (entertaining, authoritative, etc.) that positions you where you want to be?

Whatever you do, the first step is getting answers to those questions. No one knows you better than you… but we want to get to know you just as well. Call us. E-mail us. Tweet us. Say hey so we can become your biggest fans.

We want to help you get to a point where no matter what you’re doing next, you’ll know exactly how to approach it. It’s an awesome feeling to have so much clarity that you can sit down, write a blog post about nothing, and make it about everything you are.

It saves time, money, and most importantly, stress. That’s the value of branding.

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